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Tedxsydney Pitch Night – 22 Ideas, Thoughts & Stories Which Inspire, And Invite To Wonder And Ponder

TEDxSYDNEY Pitch Night…

22 ideas, thoughts & stories which inspire, and invite to wonder and ponder

# What could you achieve if you would focus on that one important thing, that is aligned with your personal purpose?

# When you see a woman in a wheelchair, what do you see? Are you able to see the woman? Or do you just see a person in a wheelchair?

# If a refugee from Afghanistan works his butt off to learn English, masters high school exams, studies at the University and delays his further education to grow a company from 1 to 15 employees in one year to give other refugees a fair chance in this beautiful country… you can too!
# And if not, just consider to be a friend…

# Why not leveraging & monetising the skills of your executives to overcome short-term business challenges, instead of firing employees? Think loyalty. Think culture. Think different.

# We need more men in fitness classes, they are the real deal in regards to gender equality

# Know the rules. Bend the rules. Think outside the box.

# Let kids develop their own virtual reality to help them to overcome their anxiety during hospital procedures

# Planning cities is planning human experiences, which needs to be based on real-time data (not data of the past and not data from un-attended town-hall meetings)

# ‘Passionist’ instead of generalists at primary schools

# Do we need to think about the aging process earlier?

# Let’s not forget that corporations are made of people, even in the finance sector. And these people have a right to be proud of what they are doing. Do we need an oath for people in financial institutions, like we have for doctors and lawyers?

# An Indian lady wants to break free from old cultural rules and ends up as software engineer, just to find out that she absolutely stayed in the cliché

# To experience Australia’s true beauty, slow down and soak in natures architecture

*Credit to all the courageous presenters yesterday, I wish I would have noted down their names.

It was an informative and fun evening – highly recommended !


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