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Accelerate your business results. Transform your business owner life with business coaching in Sydney.

Business Coaching in Sydney

Let’s get this business started - for the new business owner.

Are you frustrated that you haven’t progressed your business idea as much as you wanted to? No, worries. Let’s do it together; let’s get it done.

At GAIA Coaching, we help new, Sydney-based business owners to accelerate the implementation of their business idea by following a structured and proven approach. Our Business Coaching program for newly established small businesses ensures that:

  1. The time from idea to servicing your first client is accelerated
  2. The strategic driver behind the business owners’ vision is clearly identified and communicated (WHY)
  3. Optimum clients, key services, products, success factors, as well as business and operating models are well understood and communicated (WHAT)
  1. Processes and relevant supporting technologies are identified and implemented (HOW)
  2. Personal and professional insecurities and roadblocks are identified and quickly worked-through
  3. A healthy work-life-integration stays intact
  4. Unproductive thought processes and emotional imbalances are understood and addressed

Our Business Coaching services are designed for small-to-medium business owners looking for rapid and sustainable business growth by identifying strategic and practical key business accelerators to improve their people, processes and technologies as well as themselves.

Jackie J. - Business Owner, Professional Growth Industry
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‘I found Susanne to have an extraordinary way of helping me towards making progress in my new business by way of clarifying goals, identifying obstacles and insecurities and looking at strengths and successes that have all gone towards where I am today. A loving, practical, no nonsense approach.’
Seasoned Business Owner

More passion, less worry, more life - for the seasoned business owner

Are you tired of putting all your energy into your business and just coming by? Let’s take a combined personal and business coaching approach to make your business thrive again.

At GAIA Coaching, we help well-established, Sydney-based business owners to accelerate their financial and business performance and create sustainable success. Our Business Coaching program allows small to medium-sized businesses to:

  1. Overcome setbacks, financial insecurity and roadblocks preventing further business success
  2. Increase efficiencies and productivity to create sustainable business growth
  3. Re-ignite team motivation and business owner passion
  1. Accelerate the time for new product development
  2. De-stress and regain a healthy work-life-integration and
  3. Understand and address unproductive thought processes and emotional imbalances
  4. Plan the transition into retirement

At GAIA Coaching we are working with small to medium sized business owners to take their business to the next level and accelerate financial and business performance.

Emma G. – Business Owner, Health
& Beauty Industry
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I honestly couldn’t thank Susanne, my Business Coach, enough! Her coaching and positive presence is really a life changing experience. I had been feeling quite lost for some time and Susanne has not only shown me how to love and accept myself for the strong woman I am but she has continuously motivated me to be a loving mother as well as a successful business owner. […] by far one of the best things I have done for my personal and professional growth.

We consistently facilitate a successful,
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