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Career Coaching in Sydney

Become the natural choice for the next promotion.

Do you ever feel that giving your best in your career isn’t good enough? For high achievers, this can quickly lead to feelings of overwhelm or frustration.

You are smart, diligent and always giving your best? You are over-performing and still not feeling as if you are getting anywhere? Dancing between feeling overwhelmed and procrastination in regards to the topics close to your heart? Not really knowing why?
Feeling this deep desire to learn and grow and to make a meaningful difference?

In our Sydney-based Career Coaching program, we only work with top performers who deeply care about their career, and know that the best investment is the investment in self. They show us time and time again it’s possible to power through career roadblocks in no time, with the right guidance and support.

Can you recognise some of these challenges in your career:
  • You were left out at promotion time, and want to become the obvious choice for the next opportunity.
  • You feel undervalued and want to take action to increase your professional impact and income.
  • You have started a new position and want to stand out with ease, integrity and grace.
  • You have been holding back and it’s now time to step into your humble power.
  • You have grown out of your job and want to transition into something more fulfilling.

If this resonates with you, then Executive Career Coaching will definitely help you to accelerate your results. The door is always open, reach out to take the first step, today.

Shirin D, Executive Agile Coach
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‘I like the idea of knowing where I am and where I would like to go next. Looking back […], I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of Susanne, I was able to turn things around […]. I have now tripled my income […]. The whole concept of coaching was new to me, but there was one aspect that I liked: a coach unlocks potential. Susanne has a very structured method of working. Following her guidance (her kind and firm words) has been great for me to find out where my blind spots are. What can be learned in the process of being coached […] is a model to solve any problem. If you are someone who is interested in helping yourself, I highly recommend working with Susanne.’

Accelerate your career

by investing in your professional future

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Your Career Coaching Results

At GAIA Coaching we are working with successful professionals, who deeply understand that the best investment is the investment in self. The highly personalised Career Coaching program helps top performers and high achievers move past career roadblocks quickly and therefore, to accelerate career progression, growth and results.

Our career coaching clients leverage our personalised boutique Career Coaching and professional brainstorming services for 7 key reasons:

  1. To get promoted to their dream positions,
  2. Increasing, often doubling or tripling their income,
  3. Becoming a top interview candidate for a desired position
  4. Re-igniting their passion in their work,
  1. Transitioning successfully into professional self-expression or entrepreneurship,
  2. De-stress and regain a healthy work-life-integration and
  3. Understand and manage unproductive thought processes and emotional imbalances.

Our Career Coaching services are specialised for top-performers and high-achievers who desire to continuously learn and grow. Work with Susanne Rauer, ex-executive turned master coach to become the natural choice for the next promotion, salary increase or to take the next big, bold and meaningful career step. 

Jarek M, – Executive Director – Finance Industry
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‘At a difficult time in my life, and also a moment of great opportunity, Susanne’s helped to find that which motivates and drives me forward. That motivation, along with her genuine involvement in the day to day smaller challenges has got me to a whole new level, which resulted in couple of internal job offers within a few months after starting the executive coaching with Susanne.’

We consistently facilitate a successful,
effective and pragmatic way forward.