The Executive Mental
Fitness Program​​

The Mental Fitness Issue

Executive Summary

A company is a living, breathing organism, with the executives and leaders acting as the vital organs that keep it going. If any of these organs are of poor physical or mental health, the whole system’s performance is compromised.

• Depression will be the number one health concern by 2030

This costs Australian businesses A$8-10 billion per annum (2019), forecasted to be A$45 billion per annum by 2030.

• The Executive issue is concerning

Executives are under immense physical and mental pressure. On average they sleep 24% less and work 23% more than the average worker. 90% struggle with work-life balance and 73% live a sedentary lifestyle. This puts executives at a high risk of chronic pain, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, burnout and depression.

• Conscious Leaders act now

Given the key role-modelling function leaders have, a two-pronged approach is needed, targeting physical fitness and mental clarity. A serious stand needs to be made by conscious leaders to prevent disease, perform at their best and unlock further, dormant executive potential.


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Prevention, Performance and Unlocking Executive Potential

The Executive Mental Fitness Program

The Mental Fitness program is based upon the P3-Model, a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in executives’ social, mental, and physical fitness. Delivered over six consecutive weeks, the program covers the mind and body.

Program Overview

6x 2-hour workshops over six consecutive weeks. Presented in-house within a suitable meeting room.
A Team understanding importance of Mental and Physical Health

Target Audience & Program Outcome

Senior leadership teams who understand the importance of mental and physical health and want to

Your Facilitators

Your facilitators have a combined 30+ years of experience in the corporate world as well as in the field of physical and mental fitness.


Michael Gostelow

is an Executive Health Coach and Personal Trainer. He is the owner of Executive Performance which specialises in the physical health of leaders and executives, while coaching behaviour change for sustainable outcomes.

He holds a degree is Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Sydney. This study led him to work in one of London’s premium strength and conditioning facilities, coaching both high-performing business leaders and professional athletes.

When Michael was in high school, his father went through severe depression which ended with an attempt on his own life. This story follows Michael wherever he goes, motivating him to help high-strung individuals improve their lives and avoid the same downward spiral.

He now works exclusively with executives and leaders, helping them improve their physical health and performance.


Susanne Rauer

Susanne Rauer is an Executive Master Coach offering highly personalised, boutique executive coaching experiences. She is the founder of GAIA Coaching.

Susanne is a conscious, multiple award-winning natural leader in her field with 25+ years of experiences ranging from providing management consulting, training, coaching and leadership to individuals and leadership teams of tier 1 corporations, such as CBA and the German Army. 

Susanne’s passion is to work with exceptional leaders who are ready to outperform their status quo, make new conscious decisions, and author their own successful and fulfilled lives. She advocates the combination of operational, short-term and strategic, long-term benefits.




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