The Seasoned Executive

They say it’s lonely at the top.
And you feel it.

Seasoned Executive Staring out the Windows

Are you in need of a trusted environment where you can brainstorm a strategic
way forward?

With few secure places to strategically brainstorm, all GAIA Coaching programs provide a safe, trusted and judgment-free space for executives to develop as senior leaders and soundboard important futuristic ideas; without the political game.
The highly personalised GAIA Executive Coaching program will allow you to work with Susanne Rauer, ex-executive turned master coach to:
  1. Prepare for an important board meeting,
  2. Excel in a new executive role,
  3. Bring structure to your overloaded, busy mind,
  4. Re-ignite your professional passion,
  5. De-stress and regain a healthy work-life-integration,
  1. Plan retirement and further professional self-expression,
    as well as
  2. Understand and address unproductive thought patterns and emotional imbalances,

Our Executive Coaching program will give you the tools to consciously and consistently create a successful, effective and pragmatic way forward in all situations.

Jarek M, Executive Director – Finance Industry
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‘At a difficult time in my life, and also a moment of great opportunity, Susanne’s helped to find that which motivates and drives me forward. That motivation, along with her genuine involvement in the day to day smaller challenges has got me to a whole new level, which resulted in couple of internal job offers within a few months after starting the executive coaching with Susanne.

Your Executive Coaching Experience

Your Executive Coaching Experience
Our Executive Coaching services in Sydney are catered for the seasoned executive who is seeking a trusted, boutique coaching environment where they can strategically think, plan, soundboard and be challenged to create a strong, leading-edge future for their business, their leadership teams and themselves; without their ideas and vision being compromised by conflicting agendas.
Mark C. – Sales Executive, Property Industry
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‘I had been standing at the edge of the next stage of life for some time, unsure if I could or would take the next step. Through a beautiful process filled with genuine interest, care and insightful observation. Susanne used her vast knowledge and skill to help me let go of the thoughts and decisions that had been holding me back. Susanne helped me realign my values to build a compelling future that I am so excited to work towards. If you are looking for someone to help you make that next step in business or life I don’t know a better coach. Thanks again Susanne.

We consistently facilitate a successful,
effective and pragmatic way forward.