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GAIA Coaching recognised as one of the Top 3 Coaching Companies in Sydney

Top 3 Coaching Companies in Sydney, Australia

GAIA Coaching, Executive Coaching Sydney, was recently recognised as no. 3 of the Top 10 Best Coaching in Sydney, Australia in 2023, next to outstanding companies like the Tad James Company, a coaching training company we value dearly here at Gaia Coaching, not only because of its history of over 40 years.

About The Tropika Club Magzine

Tropika Club Magazine crafts articles on all things Singapore with greater emphasis on local business based on the #SupportLocalSG initiative. They check out and feature local businesses of all categories, ranging from your neighbourhood markets to lifestyle and professional businesses. Australia is covered as part of their city guides. Their Top 10 rankings include amongst others service companies, like coaching companies, in different regions.

GAIA Coaching Recognised Internationally

As the CEO, Executive Master Coach, and company representative, I am truly grateful for being recognised as a top tier coaching company in Australia and now internationally. The entire GAIA Coaching team is working so smart (not hard) to deliver the best coaching experience and customer experience we can. It is thanks to the team that the company is repeatedly recognised and growing sustainably.

We are grateful for each and every of our clients and honouring their commitment to invest in themselves and work on themselves to live a conscious, successful and fulfilled life.

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GAIA Coaching prides itself on providing highly personalised, professional boutique coaching experiences. We value integrity, accountability, success and excellence.

If this resonates with you, then let’s have a conversation to see if we are the right coaching partner for you; no obligations.

Meet the author

Susanne Rauer, Executive Master Coach at GAIA Coaching – Executive Coaching Sydney

An Executive Coaching Point of View (ExCoVi)

As an Executive Master Coach and Trainer, I am very fortunate to work with various talented, high-achieving and wonderful people. Every time I coach, I learn something new about my client, our society and myself. The summary of thoughts is based on emerging themes across all kinds of interactions I have; be it one-on-one executive coaching, group coaching or coaching training. ExCoVis are meant to invite people to think differently based on scientifically or statistically proven understanding and lateral thinking. None of the content is meant to offend anyone in any way and is rather an invitation to discuss different executive points of view with respect and integrity. The content is shared to raise awareness and to inspire people to integrate their conscious and unconscious mind and therefore transform unconscious behaviour into conscious behaviour.

GAIA Coaching – Your boutique executive coaching partner – Sydney, Australia.


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