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The Universal Model Of Change

This model gives us great insight into the process that we undergo when we make significant changes in our lives, and can help explain why this process is often accompanied by emotional chaos and turmoil!

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Do I need an MBA to Reach the top?

Do I Need An MBA to Reach The Top?

– An Executive Coaching Point of View – I have heard it over and over again: Many successful people come to me and say, “Susanne, I think I have to go back to business school and get my MBA”. And if this is what…

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The Story Of Netflix – ‘nobody Knows Anything!’

The Story of Netflix – ‘Nobody knows anything!’ I had a great time listening to Mark Randolph sharing The Story of Netflix yesterday – ‘Nobody knows anything!’ by Willian Goldman As the founding CEO he shared insights and lessons learned about this exciting business journey. Below…

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Speed Coaching

Speed Coaching – what a fun experience If you are not sure if coaching is for you and you want to experience different coaches and different coaching styles, I highly recommend Speed Coaching at Me After Work (

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Are You In Need Of A Strategic Life Disrupter?

Create Your Strategic Life Plan I am incredibly proud to contribute to Thrivhers a community forged to inspire women to realise their true value and live out their career/life missions. Are you in need of a STRATEGIC LIFE DISRUPTER? Well, then join Julia Chalon…

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Time To Find Your Unique You


Interested in finding your unique you? Linda Thackray (Vice-President at the International Association of Psychosomatic and Founder of

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