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Ace Your Performance Review

Ace Your Performance Review & Accelerate Your Career

How did your last Performance Review Conversation go?

Right! … Well, it’s good that you are here. Please feel free to take advantage of our short & sweet videos, if you like. In this mini training series, we are going to look into 3 ways you can ace your performance review conversation and accelerate your professional career.

This is a quick guide about how ‘Quantum Outcome’, ‘Tangible Consequences’ and ‘Integrated Perspectives’ will help you to boost your next performance review meeting and ANY other important business conversation, right now. Excel in any workplace appraisal and accelerate your executive career progression.

3 tips to ace your performance review conversation


Learn about how knowing your QUANTUM OUTCOME will help you to accelerate your performance discussion (4 min)

“Quick update that the ideas you provided last year for my performance review helped and as a result I got the full bonus allocation. Have also handed over my people responsibilities and promoted someone in the team. Just waiting to sort a few other things out and then the new business opportunity awaits.”


W. J. – Technical Executive, Engineering Industry

⭐️ Bonus Answer

Question: ‘Should I share my Quantum Outcome with my manager?’ – bonus answer (2 min)

Tip #2 – Tangible Consequences

Learn about how defining your TANGIBLE CONSEQUENCES will help you to accelerate your performance review conversation (4 min)


Learn about how applying an INTEGRATED PERSPECTIVES approach will help you to accelerate your executive career (4 min)

🎯 Summary & Next Steps

Short & sweet recap and an outlook for next steps (2 min)

Ask a Specific Question

Please feel free to send me a LinkedIn message with your feedback or book in a 15 min call for any specific questions you may have.  I am looking forward to continued meaningful connections.

Meet the author

Susanne Rauer - Executive Master Coach at GAIA Coaching

Susanne Rauer, Executive Master Coach at GAIA Coaching – Executive Coaching Sydney, April 2019.

An Executive Coaching Point of View (ExCoVi)

As an Executive Master Coach and Trainer, I am very fortunate to work with various talented, high-achieving and wonderful people. Every time I coach, I learn something new about my client, our society and myself. The summary of thoughts is based on emerging themes across all kinds of interactions I have; be it one-on-one executive coaching, group coaching or coaching training. ExCoVis are meant to invite people to think differently based on scientifically or statistically proven understanding and lateral thinking. None of the content is meant to offend anyone in any way and is rather an invitation to discuss different executive points of view with respect and integrity. The content is shared to raise awareness and to inspire people to integrate their conscious and unconscious mind and therefore transform unconscious behaviour into conscious behaviour.

GAIA Coaching – Your boutique executive coaching partner – Sydney, Australia.


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