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Ready for your next step?
Be the conscious leader of your life


About Coaching

Coaching – How can coaching help me?

Coaching, also known as behavioural psychlogy, is a
life-transforming and empowering experience to unlock
your own potential to become an extra-ordinary version
of yourself. It is about facilitating awareness
to enable you to make conscious decisions to
get the results you want to see in your life.

Coaching services

Our services vary from 1:1 coaching sessions to
Corporate & Business Coaching Packages. We also
offer team accelerator workshops & public speaking engagements.
Apply for a free coaching session today to experience
it for yourself (1:1’s also available online).

About You


… be the change you want to see …
‘Mahatma Gandhi’


You are smart, diligent and always giving your best? You are over-performing and still not feeling as if you are getting anywhere? Dancing between feeling overwhelmed and procrastination in regards to the topics close to your heart? Not really knowing why? Feeling this deep desire to grow and maybe make a difference?

If this resonates with you, then coaching will definitely help you to accelerate your results.
The door is open, just reach out when you are ready to take the next step.


My Coaching Purpose

I am helping successful executives, high-performing talents and business owners, who feel a little stuck in their career, relationship, or in life and are disconnected from what is really important in life; business people who are experiencing self-sabotage, a lack of clarity, self-belief or confidence and therefore procrastinating.
Together we will work out a successful and effective way forward.
My coaching purpose is to be of service to support and inspire my clients to become the successful conscious leader, living their full potential, getting the results they want.


Request Free 15 min Call


‘[…] Looking back at myself, […] I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of Susanne I was able to turn things around in two aspects of my life. […] I have now tripled my income and am in a serious relationship with a handsome gentleman. […]’ 

– Shirin D. – Executive Agile Coach


‘[…] When I began my journey with Susanne I was convinced there was something wrong with me. […] She has given me the greatest gift – tools and techniques to face all of life’s moments with calm and confidence. […]’

– Thilinee C. – Sonographer (and busy working mum!)