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Ready for your next step?
Be the conscious leader of your life


Executive Coaching

How does Executive Coaching work?

Coaching, also known as behavioural psychology, is a
mind-transforming & empowering experience to unlock
further internal resources. It is about brainstorming,
facilitating awareness, overcoming blind-spots &
making conscious decisions to accelerate your results.

Why GAIA Coaching?

GAIA Coaching prides itself on providing highly
personalised executive coaching experiences.
We respect and cater for the specific needs
of our valued clients. If you value integrity,
excellence & results then we might be just
→ the right executive coaching partner for you.

About You

… be the change you want to see …
‘Mahatma Gandhi’

You are smart, diligent and always giving your best? You are over-performing and still not feeling as if you are getting anywhere? Dancing between feeling overwhelmed and procrastination in regards to the topics close to your heart? Not really knowing why?

Feeling this deep desire to grow and to make a meaningful difference?

You may have been left out at promotion time and want to → be the natural choice for the next promotion.

You may feel undervalued and want to → take action to increase your income.

You may have just started a new position and want to → stand out with ease and grace.

Or you may have grown out of your job and want to → plan the transition into professional fulfilment and self-expression.

If this resonates with you, then Executive Coaching will definitely help you to accelerate your results.
The door is open, reach out today to take the first step.



About GAIA Coaching

Our passion is to help our clients consciously thrive!

At GAIA Coaching we are working with successful executives, top performers and high achievers to accelerate their results.

Our clients leverage our personalised boutique executive coaching and professional brain-storming / sound-boarding services for 6 key reasons:

1. To be the natural choice for the next promotion,

2. To increase, often double or triple their income,

3. To plan the transition into professional self-expression,

4. To excel in a new executive role

5. To manage di-stress and regain healthy work-life-integration and

6. To understand and manage excessive thinking habits and emotional imbalances.

We consistently facilitate a successful, effective and pragmatic way forward.

Our Purpose

Our coaching purpose is to raise awareness and inspire our clients to become the successful conscious leader, who

lives their full potential and achieves their dreams and goals faster.

Our Values



Your Success Stories

‘[…] Looking back at myself, […] I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of Susanne I was able to turn things around in two aspects of my life. […]

I have now tripled my income and I am in a serious relationship with a handsome gentleman. […]’ 

– Shirin D. – Executive Agile Coach

‘[…] When I began my journey with Susanne I was convinced there was something wrong with me. […] She has given me the greatest gift – tools and techniques to face all of life’s moments with calm and confidence. […]’

– Thilinee C. – Sonographer (and busy working mum!)