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Susanne in TedX Sydney Salon

Tedxsydney Salon – Sparking Lateral Thinking, Discussion & Debate

I am a huge fan of TEDxSydney Salon!

I love that it is designed to spark lateral and new thinking, discussion and debate, combining talks, films & music, without forcing any opinions upon the curious listener.  And the best thing… it’s an intimate event (says my inner introvert Wink Emoticon).

Here a few points I noted from TEDxSydney Salon October 2018, if you like:

Theme: Connectivity

?Mike Seymour – Lecturer, Researcher Digital Faces & Writer:
• About ‘Putting a face on Technolog’
• Did you know, that there are approx. 8.4bn connected devices on this planet?
• … More than human beings (7.7bn)…
• Why do we get so upset when someone cuts us off in traffic? Possibly because we can’t see his/her face?!
• Many people value face to face interactions, we travel long distances for that sometimes…
• Would a 6-year-old learn better when she was taught maths by a slightly older version of herself?
• Would elderly people lose the fear of technology if it would have a face to it? And would that connect families even more which are living far apart?
• What ethical question do we have to answer to make this work? …
• What face would we choose to be at our service?
• How would we behave towards technology when we interact with it?
• What role model would we choose to be?
• What impact would that have on the most valuable currency humans have ‘TRUST’?
• Do we TRUST our navigation system if it sends us right or left?
• Will there be a fight between the ones who want to build the technology to better the world and the ones who want to gain our trust so that they can take advantage?

?Chyloe Kurdus – National Female Participation Manager
• About ‘Cultivating cultural change and gender equity though sport’
• If you want to grow and achieve results beyond society’s opinion, go and look how people in other industries have tackled a similar challenge…
• Learn and model their actions and behaviours, test, refine and teach others.
• Be the change you want to see… and allow yourself to be in awe when the unthinkable happens… and celebrate… (with your fellow females Smiley Face 

?Alex Hogue – Information Security Specialist (aka Ethically Legit Hacker)
• About ‘Magic’
• Maybe it is easier to trick you as you think…
• If one follows instructions to learn how to trick people, it works… and people seem to love it…
• How is nobody taking the world over with this knowledge… oh wait,… maybe…
• Magic is… drawing your intention to something while doing something else…
• Hacking is… oh… ?!
• Hacking vs. Security – friend or foe – same, same, and different ?!
• If you don’t want to be tricked… don’t use technology… or… just assume you will…

?Dana Bradford – Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO
• About ‘Quality of life’
• Back then people were concerned what the TV would do to our brains…
• Fascinating fact about the brain: it’s incredibly adaptable (!)
• Because… of its connectivity… (!)
• They key is the connection of already exciting health promoting technologies…
• Platforms need to be built with compassion; data needs to be leveraged with respect…

?Jack Shepherd – Performer
• Check his music out, soul touching in my humble opinion…

*Please note: My notes are based on my understanding. The above might or might not represent what was said or what was meant by TEDxSydney and / or the presenters. I apologies for any misunderstandings. I share this with best intentions and inspiration.

**PS: Thanks to Samsung for the nice picture. I was a bit shocked to be honest, as I look like 40+, oh wait…  


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