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Susanne in TedX Sydney

Tedxsydney Pitch Night – 22 Ideas, Thoughts & Stories Which Inspire, And Invite To Wonder And Ponder

TEDxSYDNEY Pitch Night…

22 ideas, thoughts & stories which inspire, and invite to wonder and ponder

# What could you achieve if you would focus on that one important thing, that is aligned with your personal purpose?

# When you see a woman in a wheelchair, what do you see? Are you able to see the woman? Or do you just see a person in a wheelchair?

# If a refugee from Afghanistan works his butt off to learn English, masters high school exams, studies at the University and delays his further education to grow a company from 1 to 15 employees in one year to give other refugees a fair chance in this beautiful country… you can too!
# And if not, just consider to be a friend…

# Why not leveraging & monetising the skills of your executives to overcome short-term business challenges, instead of firing employees? Think loyalty. Think culture. Think different.

# We need more men in fitness classes, they are the real deal in regards to gender equality

# Know the rules. Bend the rules. Think outside the box.

# Let kids develop their own virtual reality to help them to overcome their anxiety during hospital procedures

# Planning cities is planning human experiences, which needs to be based on real-time data (not data of the past and not data from un-attended town-hall meetings)

# ‘Passionist’ instead of generalists at primary schools

# Do we need to think about the aging process earlier?

# Let’s not forget that corporations are made of people, even in the finance sector. And these people have a right to be proud of what they are doing. Do we need an oath for people in financial institutions, like we have for doctors and lawyers?

# An Indian lady wants to break free from old cultural rules and ends up as software engineer, just to find out that she absolutely stayed in the cliché

# To experience Australia’s true beauty, slow down and soak in natures architecture

*Credit to all the courageous presenters yesterday, I wish I would have noted down their names.

It was an informative and fun evening – highly recommended !

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Susanne Rauer

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As an Executive Master Coach and Trainer, I am very fortunate to work with various talented, high-achieving and wonderful people. Every time I coach, I learn something new about my client, our society and myself. The summary of thoughts is based on emerging themes across all kinds of interactions I have; be it one-on-one executive coaching, group coaching or coaching training. ExCoVis are meant to invite people to think differently based on scientifically or statistically proven understanding and lateral thinking. None of the content is meant to offend anyone in any way and is rather an invitation to discuss different executive points of view with respect and integrity. The content is shared to raise awareness and to inspire people to integrate their conscious and unconscious mind and therefore transform unconscious behaviour into conscious behaviour.

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