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Do I need an MBA to Reach the top?

Do I Need An MBA to Reach The Top?

– An Executive Coaching Point of View – I have heard it over and over again: Many successful people come to me and say, “Susanne, I think I have to go back to business school and get my MBA”. And if this is what…

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The Story Of Netflix – ‘nobody Knows Anything!’

The Story of Netflix – ‘Nobody knows anything!’ I had a great time listening to Mark Randolph sharing The Story of Netflix yesterday – ‘Nobody knows anything!’ by Willian Goldman As the founding CEO he shared insights and lessons learned about this exciting business journey. Below…

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Speed Coaching

Speed Coaching – what a fun experience If you are not sure if coaching is for you and you want to experience different coaches and different coaching styles, I highly recommend Speed Coaching at Me After Work (

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Are You In Need Of A Strategic Life Disrupter?

Create Your Strategic Life Plan I am incredibly proud to contribute to Thrivhers a community forged to inspire women to realise their true value and live out their career/life missions. Are you in need of a STRATEGIC LIFE DISRUPTER? Well, then join Julia Chalon…

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Time To Find Your Unique You


Interested in finding your unique you? Linda Thackray (Vice-President at the International Association of Psychosomatic and Founder of

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