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Business Owner & Director @You Inspired

DIMUTHU P. – I have been extremely fortunate to have Susanne coach me through my personal and business issues for the last few months. Susanne continuously maintains a very professional yet personal connection and is dedicated to understanding my situation every single time. Regardless of whether they are personal or business in nature, she is able to bring powerful self-awareness to them. She then guides the process of overcoming them and moving forward through tools, techniques and insights.

Susanne has helped me feel empowered, confident, improve my personal and professional relationships and grow my business. From brainstorming very specific business goals to coaching very personal issues, Susanne helps me get past obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that I have created within. Because of her, I have been able to get out of my own way and achieve the successes I have always wanted to achieve.

I am grateful to Susanne for her guidance and unwavering support. I have every confidence that her passion, dedication and talent would be an asset for anyone fortunate enough to engage her.

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