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Business Owner & Director @All Balanced Accounts

JODIE H. – For over three decades I have limited my life having certain beliefs. Some I already knew, others I became aware of through being coached by Susanne. Even when we are aware of the reasons we do things the way we do, we may not necessarily know how to change it. This is where Susanne coaching me was such an immense advantage. She created an environment of love and trust in our sessions that enabled me to take off my armour and be vulnerable. Susanne was able to help me bring about a new awareness of what meaning I gave certain events in my life. Meanings that held me back, kept me playing small and did not serve, support, nurture and challenge me.


Through the coaching sessions with Susanne I was able to adopt new beliefs and I know the strength in those beliefs is only going to grow as I continue to grow.

If you have any block in your life, a problem you can’t get past on your own or an area you are good at but want to become great – I would recommend you get in touch with Susanne and get some coaching. You will never look back. The things you can learn about yourself through her processes are just fantastic!

Thank you so very much Susanne. Your coaching has helped me so much and was such a gift in my life.

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