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HR Manager & Family Manager

MICHELLE G. – I knew it was time for me to make decisions about my reality – either really face myself and connect with my truth, or continue feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and unhappy.

I approached Susanne after she was recommended to me by a friend. Susanne’s generous and nurturing spirit immediately made me feel open, connected and safe. Susanne facilitates such an encouraging and non-judgemental environment that the coaching process is positive and uplifting, even when exploring some sad or challenging areas.

Through the coaching sessions with Susanne I am discovering things about myself, challenging false beliefs that have held me back, and continuously growing and moving forward. Susanne is teaching me how to challenge my old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me, and replace them with new ones that align with who I am and what I want to achieve in my life. Susanne has a kind but practical approach, which is the perfect combination for me.

As I continue my coaching sessions with Susanne I feel shifts occurring in all areas of my life. I find more laughter and love in my life. I find it easier to embrace and enjoy the everyday little things. I find myself making decisions and discoveries that are quite unexpected!

I really thank Susanne for her kindness, encouragement, and support. I feel very privileged to be on this journey with her, and I would highly recommend her services for anyone wanting to start their own journey of self-discovery and improvement.

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