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ELVIRA L. – In the beginning of this year (2014), I was a bit lost and frustrated because of some work related issues. My energy level at work was low. I was unhappy and felt purposeless. I feel so fortunate that I decide to meet up with Susanne. I had known Susanne for a few years at that time. She is open, positive and honest. I always feel like I can talk to her and seek advice from her even before she became my coach.

She listened, she helped me to see clearly what I need to focus on, and gave me very practical ideas to overcome that period of challenging time. I love her coaching style, which is to empower myself to discover the answer and improve myself continuously.


Every time, when I encounter a new challenge, I think about the advice Susanne gave me, and it always helps me to think clearly and move forward. I can’t express more how valuable this coaching experience is to me. It is not just a short term trouble shooting, I am really getting a long term benefit from it.

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