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Jarek M. – The experience has been truly life changing for me.


At a difficult time in my life, and also a moment of great opportunity, Susanne’s helped to find that which motivates and drives me forward.


That motivation, along with her genuine involvement in the day to day smaller challenges has got me to a whole new level, which resulted in couple of internal job offers within a few months after starting the executive coaching with Susanne.


It’s taught me another way to think and problem solve which is invaluable. I can carry that forward with me – experience and knowledge otherwise very hard to come by.


That motivation is also about building your own dream and vision for the future and mapping out the path towards it. Working through the step by step of how to get there is the other aspect of the work we did. It’s a little personal reference book now. Without it, it may seem like just a dream but now it feels like I can make it a reality.

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