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SHIRIN D. – Life is not a project with a start and an end, it is a journey so they say. I like the idea of knowing where I am and where I would like to go next. Looking back at myself, three years ago, I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of
Susanne, I was able to turn things around in two aspects of my life. In simple terms, my job and love life sucked. I have now tripled my income and am in a serious relationship with a handsome gentleman. The whole concept of coaching was new to me, but there was one aspect that I liked: a coach unlocks potential. Susanne has a very structured method of working. Following her guidance (her kind and firm words) has been great for me to find out where my blind spots are.


What can be learned in the process of being coached is not step by step perception of how to treat a particular problem. It is a model to solve any problem. If you are someone who is interested in helping yourself, I highly recommend working with Susanne.

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