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Senior experience and a position of power can lead to a false sense of confidence in one’s own leadership ability

– An Executive Coaching Point of View –


Senior experience and a position of power can lead to a false sense of confidence in one’s own leadership ability. A recent study reveals that even though most people believe they are self-aware, only 10-15% of people actually are.


I have been exploring, coaching and teaching conscious leadership for over 5 years now, and I am excited to see that solid research, such as that conducted by Dr Tasha Eurich and her team*, is finally catching up. Conscious leadership is the skillful art of being able to STOP, REFLECT and ACT that enables business leaders to make conscious decisions. Through this journey of delving into this topic, my clients have been able to free themselves from ongoing, unresourceful frustration and disappointment especially, but not only, at work.


‘A big thank you for providing us with an engaging reflective, detailed and insightful learning session. I think I speak for all attendees when I say it was equal parts confronting and inspiring. The gift of knowledge is a treasure; and the highest treasure is self-knowledge.  Thank you!’

– STEVEN M. – Managing founder of a boutique consultancy specialising in tech, agility & innovation



Now is the time

It’s the perfect time to leverage the gap between the science and the practical application of self-awareness in order to become an outstanding and more effective leader with more satisfied employees and a more profitable company.


Research suggests that a high degree of internal and external self-awareness is key to …

  • becoming more confident,
  • being more creative,
  • making sounder decisions,
  • building stronger relationships,
  • communicating more effectively &
  • being promoted more frequently.



What kind of leader are you?

An examination of internal and external self-awareness led to the identification of 4 archetypes:

  • Seeker
  • Pleaser
  • Introspective or
  • Aware



Self-awareness as the underutilised leadership skill

Leaders who focus on building both internal and external self-awareness can learn to see themselves more clearly and reap the rewards. And the most exciting news for all life-long learners is that no matter how much progress we make and how much we learn about ourselves and others, there’s always more to learn.


Asking the right questions is the answer

There are many ways of increasing your internal and external self-awareness. Asking the right questions is essential. Executive coaching is questioning the client to come to long-lasting insight and is therefore one effective way to take advantage of the many benefits of being an aware leader.


‘I didn’t like where I was. Under the guidance of Susanne, I was able to turn things around. […] I have now tripled my income […]’ 

– SHIRIN D. – Executive Agile Coach



*Credit to: Dr Tasha Eurich and her team;

Inspired by the Harvard Business Review article ‘What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)’https://hbr.org/2018/01/what-self-awareness-really-is-and-how-to-cultivate-it by Dr. Tasha Eurich;

Photo by mentatdgt via Pexels.com;



By Susanne Rauer – GAIA Coaching, Executive Coaching Sydney, February 2019

Meet the author: http://gaiacoaching.com.au/biography/


An Executive Coaching Point of View (ExCoVi)

As an Executive Master Coach and Trainer, I am very fortunate to work with various talented, high-achieving and wonderful people. Every time I coach, I learn something new about my client, our society and myself. The summary of thoughts is based on emerging themes across all kinds of interactions I have; be it one-on-one executive coaching, group coaching or coaching trainings. ExCoVis are meant to invite people to think differently based on scientifically or statistically proven understanding and lateral thinking. None of the content is meant to offend anyone in any way, and is rather an invitation to discuss different executive points of view with respect and integrity. The content is shared to raise awareness and to inspire people to integrate their conscious and unconscious mind and therefore transform unconscious behaviour into conscious behaviour.

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