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Senior Business Analyst & Agile Consultant

ELVIRA L. – In the beginning of this year (2014), I was a bit lost and frustrated because of some work related issues. My energy level at work was low. I was unhappy and felt purposeless. I feel so fortunate that I decide to meet up with Susanne. I had known Susanne for a few years at that time. She is open, positive and honest. I always feel like I can talk to her and seek advice from her even before she became my coach.

She listened, she helped me to see clearly what I need to focus on, and gave me very practical ideas to overcome that period of challenging time. I love her coaching style, which is to empower myself to discover the answer and improve myself continuously.

Every time, when I encounter a new challenge, I think about the advice Susanne gave me, and it always helps me to think clearly and move forward. I can’t express more how valuable this coaching experience is to me. It is not just a short term trouble shooting, I am really getting a long term benefit from it.


Business Owner & Psychosomatic Practitioner

JACKIE J. – I found Susanne to have an extraordinary way of helping me towards making progress in my new business by way of clarifying goals, identifying obstacles and insecurities and looking at strengths and successes that have all gone towards where I am today.

A loving, practical, no nonsense approach, I am no longer able to side step issues now I have taken steps towards and continue to be on my true path.

I will carry Susanne’s support, helpful guidelines and ideas with me as I move forward.

The answers are within me. I am grateful for all her wisdom and guidance.

Thank you.



Business Owner & Director @All Balanced Accounts

JODIE H. – For over three decades I have limited my life having certain beliefs. Some I already knew, others I became aware of through being coached by Susanne. Even when we are aware of the reasons we do things the way we do, we may not necessarily know how to change it. This is where Susanne coaching me was such an immense advantage. She created an environment of love and trust in our sessions that enabled me to take off my armour and be vulnerable. Susanne was able to help me bring about a new awareness of what meaning I gave certain events in my life. Meanings that held me back, kept me playing small and did not serve, support, nurture and challenge me.

Through the coaching sessions with Susanne I was able to adopt new beliefs and I know the strength in those beliefs is only going to grow as I continue to grow.

If you have any block in your life, a problem you can’t get past on your own or an area you are good at but want to become great – I would recommend you get in touch with Susanne and get some coaching. You will never look back. The things you can learn about yourself through her processes are just fantastic!

Thank you so very much Susanne. Your coaching has helped me so much and was such a gift in my life.


Business Owner & Director @You Inspired

DIMUTHU P. – I have been extremely fortunate to have Susanne coach me through my personal and business issues for the last few months. Susanne continuously maintains a very professional yet personal connection and is dedicated to understanding my situation every single time. Regardless of whether they are personal or business in nature, she is able to bring powerful self-awareness to them. She then guides the process of overcoming them and moving forward through tools, techniques and insights.

Susanne has helped me feel empowered, confident, improve my personal and professional relationships and grow my business. From brainstorming very specific business goals to coaching very personal issues, Susanne helps me get past obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that I have created within. Because of her, I have been able to get out of my own way and achieve the successes I have always wanted to achieve.

I am grateful to Susanne for her guidance and unwavering support. I have every confidence that her passion, dedication and talent would be an asset for anyone fortunate enough to engage her.


Agile Delivery Consultant & Business Owner @LionSysco

SHIRIN D. – I have had the privilege of having Susanne in my life as my coach; she is smart, knowledgeable and experienced. She brought clarity to my busy mind and life.  Her structured coaching style has made things simple for me and helped me to believe in myself deep inside. With her subtle suggestions and recommendations she guided me in one of the most difficult periods of my life. For that I am forever grateful.

What I admire in Susanne however, is the alignment of her values, life style and actions and her constant effort for learning.

I recommend Susanne’s coaching to those individuals that are thinking to have a coach to improve their lives.


HR Manager & Family Manager

MICHELLE G. – I knew it was time for me to make decisions about my reality – either really face myself and connect with my truth, or continue feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and unhappy.

I approached Susanne after she was recommended to me by a friend. Susanne’s generous and nurturing spirit immediately made me feel open, connected and safe. Susanne facilitates such an encouraging and non-judgemental environment that the coaching process is positive and uplifting, even when exploring some sad or challenging areas.

Through the coaching sessions with Susanne I am discovering things about myself, challenging false beliefs that have held me back, and continuously growing and moving forward. Susanne is teaching me how to challenge my old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me, and replace them with new ones that align with who I am and what I want to achieve in my life. Susanne has a kind but practical approach, which is the perfect combination for me.

As I continue my coaching sessions with Susanne I feel shifts occurring in all areas of my life. I find more laughter and love in my life. I find it easier to embrace and enjoy the everyday little things. I find myself making decisions and discoveries that are quite unexpected!

I really thank Susanne for her kindness, encouragement, and support. I feel very privileged to be on this journey with her, and I would highly recommend her services for anyone wanting to start their own journey of self-discovery and improvement.