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201312_SR_square Susanne Rauer – Executive, Business & Talent Coach

Susanne is one of the rare people who is inspired to go above and beyond. She is a conscious and multiple award-winning natural leader in her field. Her 22 years of experience range from providing consulting, training, mentorship, coaching and leadership to individuals and teams, as well as senior management of medium size to large corporations. As an experienced and passionate public speaker, Susanne has developed and delivered many training courses and presented at various conferences like the ‘Gartner CIO Summit’. She uses her passion to inspire people to think and work differently. She advocates the combination of operational, short-term and strategic, long-term benefits.

Susanne is passionate about people and has the gift to create a safe environment where her clients can be themselves and explore unconventional ways forward to exceed expectations and see the results they want to see in their life faster. Susanne believes that all answers and our true potential lies within.

Awards & Qualifications Summary


*International Woman’s Day Award for ’Leadership, Role modelling the Companies People Capabilities and the contribution to our strategic priorities.’ (CBA, 2014)

*Recognition as ‘Leading Light for Service Excellence and Innovative Thinking’ for the Business Process Management Proof of Concept (CBA, 2010)

*Recognition for ’Exceeding Expectations in Behaviours’ (CBA, 2010)

*Award for ’Services Above and Beyond’ in the ASIA PACIFIC region (Software AG 2009 (former IDS Scheer ANZ)


Qualifications & Strengths

*Executive, Business & Talent Coaching

*Q-Being– Leadership & Awareness training

*Q-Enterprise – Starting your own Enterprise

*Time & Life Management

*Psychosomatic Practitioner (Certificate III)

*Strength finder 2.0

*Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

*DISC profile

*Myers Briggs

*Neuro-Linguistic Programming  (NLP) – Non-verbal communication pattern

*Project Management Consultant (Level 2)

*Train the Trainer Accreditation

*University Degree in ‘Business Management & Information Technology’